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The world's first domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user

“An Australian Market First”

Introducing a USER-FRIENDLY sewing machine for the

right-handed user

Rex Pulker

Associated Appliance Company

A Sample of Benefits for the Right-Handed  User

At last a USER-FRIENDLY model for both the Left and Right-Handed operator

 The Target Market

This invention is intended to focus on the domestic sewing machine market. Sewing machines designed for domestic use are essentially all-purpose devices, permitting the operator to undertake and complete a variety of different tasks. An operator of a domestic sewing machine will thus have the capacity to fulfil the range of different tasks necessary to take to completion or near completion a particular project, for example the manufacture of a garment. In this context domestic sewing machines are not to be confused with those machines used in industrial sewing applications.


The consistent anomaly that has been ever present with users of the domestic sewing machine, is that because the configuration places the working area in front of the left hand, the right-hander always has to adapt. Thousands of observations have shown that the working area for the majority of operators should be placed in front of the appropriate hand on the right side. Once the anomaly is identified there has been a unanimous awareness that the orientation is back to front.

Industry Support

“We have waited a long time for this product.”

Brian Thomas

Sales Manager

Aisin (Australia)

“Some right-handed users never master some of the operations considered quite simple for left-handed people.”

Tony Quayle

Quayles Sewing Centre

“There is a need for a right handed sewing machine in the domestic … market.”

Steven Layt

I.D. Designer Wear

“have always wondered why there was no choice of left or right-handed machines.”

David Schaafsma

Bestway Sewing &

Embroidery Centre





See article in the S.Q.E. Monthly Magazine - July edition

V.D.T.A./S.D.T.A. Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association of the USA


Teacher / Consumer Support

“As a teacher I have occasionally thought when viewing some students who were experiencing difficulty that it was a bit easier for me being a left hander.”

Noelene Matthews

President of the WA Division

Home Economics Institute


“It is frustrating to have to do all the work of the left hand on my sewing machine when my right hand could do it more efficiently and with much more comfort. You are on the right track and I look forward to seeing some of your machines here in the USA.”

Florine Johnson

Florine Johnson Designs


“This would be a great engineering achievement for all concerned, especially as it is a West Australian/Australian innovation.”

Pam Prince

Marketing/Research/Data Analysis

Experienced Sewer


“As a lefty of 50 years of sewing I can’t imagine how right-handers manage a sewing machine.

Good luck.”

Sue Ellen Elvie

Left-Handed Experienced Sewer

“I discovered years ago that the sewing machine seems to be the only thing out there that is really

for a left-handed person. I do believe, had I started on the proposed right-handed machine,

that would have been wonderful.”

Karen Krafts

Senior Member/Moderator

at Everything Sewing USA

The target consumer market is right-handed sewers, particularly new entrants to the market still learning to use the domestic sewing machine. A sewing machine adapted for right-handed use will allow new operators to achieve the fine motor proficiency with a machine more easily and perform all fine motor tasks with greater speed, while existing skills with a sewing machine will transfer quite rapidly. This change in configuration is a quantum leap that takes user-friendliness to a new level and creates a marketers dream.

Teachers and Demonstrators


At last, the world's first USER-FRIENDLY domestic sewing machine for the right-handed user

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